Tablet Repairs

If you are having trouble with your Tablet, don’t worry, our Tablet Repair service based in Burleigh Heads is the perfect solution! We have seen a lot of faulty Tablets that are not working correctly due to software or hardware issues. We have the skills required to repair your Tablet and get it working correctly again!

Some of the popular tablets we repair include Samsung Galaxy Tab, ASUS, Lenovo, Nexus & iPads.

Tablet Screen Repair?

Depending on the make & model it is possible to replace just the front screen (digitiser) of your tablet, meaning the cost of repair will be a lot cheaper.

For the Tablets that require the front screen & LCD to be replaced we can source the highest qualty replacement parts at the best possible price.

Unfortunately we can’t repair all tablets, this is due to the parts available. Generally the most popular models are easier to get hold of but if in doubt, just contact us and we will attempt to source a replacement screen.

Software related problems?

The majority of tablets we receive that aren’t an iPad are run on Android or Windows. If your having problems with powering your tablet up, constantly freezing or upgrading then get in touch for a free estimate on your tablet repair.

How long does a Tablet repair take?

Usually, our tablet repair service is next day. If a job takes longer than usual you won’t be charged any extra as we work on a set fee basis.

For tablet hardware repairs (With the exception of iPads) such as screen replacements, batteries & charging ports we may have to order the parts in. Parts usually take a couple of working days to arrive and would be fitted and ready for collection the same day.

How much will my Tablet Repair Cost?

The cost of your tablet repair will depend on the make & model. Since prices are constantly changing depending on demand and age of the tablet we can quote you the best possible price as soon as you get in touch.

Do you offer any guarantee?

All of our repairs come with a 6 month guarantee on parts, meaning that if any parts we replace should fail, we will replace them for free!

Ready for a Tablet Repair estimate?

Feel free to contact us 7 Days a week if you need advice about your Tablet Repairs. You can contact us on our Contact Page or by coming by the store to talk to our friendly staff.