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iPhone 5 , 5S and 5C Screen Replacements $79

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If you are having trouble with your Smartphone, don’t worry, our Phone Repairs service based in Burleigh Heads and Lismore is the perfect solution! We have seen plenty of faulty smartphones that are not working correctly due software issues or broken screens. We have the skills required to repair your phone and get it working correctly again!

Our Locations

Mobile Coverz Burleigh Heads – Stockland Shopping Centre Burleigh Heads
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Smartphones have become part of every day life, we know how important it is to have your phone fully working which is why most of our repairs can be carried out the same day. We perform a wide range of repairs on smartphones including HTC, iPhone, LG, Nexus, Nokia, Samsung Galaxy and Sony.

Smashed Phone Screen?

Some phones the LCD & Digitiser (Front Glass) are separate meaning if it’s only the front glass which has been damaged the repair cost will be considerably cheaper.

For the phones that require the LCD and Digitiser to both be replaced we will source the highest quality replacement parts at the best possible price.

How long does a phone repair take?

For software related issues the phone repairs can usually be carried out the same day.

For hardware such as batteries, screens, charging ports most popular models can be done within the hour

How much will my Phone Repair Cost?

The price of your mobile phone repair will depend on the make & model. Prices are always changing and usually become lower in time and as newer models are released.

We check the price of parts and our competitors prices regularly to ensure we can offer you the best possible deal on your phone repairs in Burleigh Heads and Lismore.

Please contact us for a FREE Estimate.

Do you offer any guarantee?

All of our repairs come with a 6 month guarantee on parts, meaning that if any parts we replace should fail, we will replace them for free!

Ready for a free phone repair estimate?

Feel free to contact us 7 Days a week if you need advice about your Phone Repairs. You can contact us by clicking the Book a Repair button to the right, or by coming in-store and speaking to one of our friendly staff


iPhone 4 & 4S

  • Screen Replacement $59
  • Back Glass Replacement $20
  • Home button replacement $30 ($10 at time of screen replacement)
  • Battery $35
  • Charging Dock $35

iPhone 5G & 5S

  • Screen Replacement $79
  • Battery $40
  • Charging Dock $60

iPhone 5C

  • Screen Replacement $79
  • Battery $40
  • Charging Dock $60

iPhone 6G

  • Screen Replacement $89
  • Home Button Replacement $30
  • Battery $50
  • Charging Dock $75

iPhone 6+

  • Screen Replacement $99
  • Home Button Replacement $30
  • Battery $50
  • Charging Dock $75

iPhone 6S

  • Screen Replacement $105

iPhone 6S+

  • Screen Replacement $109

iPhone 7

  • Screen Replacement $129

iPhone 7+

  • Screen Replacement $149

iPhone 8

  • Screen Replacement $169

iPhone 8+

  • Screen Replacement $199

Samsung S3

  • Top Glass – (With LOCA Glue) $110
  • Full LCD Assembly $160

Samsung S4

  • Top Glass – (With LOCA Glue) $120
  • Full LCD Assembly $189

S5 , S6, S6 Edge , S7 , S7 Edge, Note 2, Note 3 , Note 4 , Note 5, HTC, Sony Xperia , LG and all other models please call for pricing.

Many more models in stock and available just call for up to date pricing Call Mobile Coverz Burleigh Heads on 5630 1721 Or Mobile Coverz Lismore 02 6619 0100