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iPad Screen Repair

Though the iPad is made of toughened glass, it is still glass and the iPad screen is still susceptible to damage and unfortunately can crack very easily from the shortest of drops. Due to it’s size and weight, a drop from any height is likely to result in a little damage. Depending on how badly the screen is cracked, it is possible for pieces of glass to come away from the iPad. You can cut your fingers whilst using the iPad if the glass is not covered. As a temporary solution, we recommend using a screen protector over the area that is cracked. This will stop more glass from falling out and causing further damage. Over time, even hairline cracks will get worse so we strongly recommend that you get your device repaired as soon as possible.

Damaged Corners or Edges?

Almost all the iPad’s we receive for repair have some damage to the corners of the metal rear housing. Luckily as this is made of aluminium it is possible to straighten out these edges to some degree, enabling the new replacement front screen to fit properly. While the areas that were dented will look a lot better, they won’t ever look like they once did.

Has It Damaged Anything Else?

There are 2 screens on your iPad. The lower screen (or LCD) controls the images that appear, while the top screen is the glass front and this top screen controls the “touch screen” capabilities.

99% of the time for iPad screen repairs, only the front screen actually needs replacing, providing the LCD does not have ”ink” leaking out of it, there are no rainbow effects or other visible damage then thankfully this won’t also need replacing.

It is rare from a drop to damage anything else inside the iPad, although it can happen.

Do not try this at home

Quite often, we see people who have tried to repair their own iPad screen. There are various “tutorials” all over the internet explaining how easy it is. It is not easy and you can cause permanent irreversible damage to your iPad if you break one of the tiny connectors on the main logic board.

How good is the Replacement iPad Screen?

All our parts are made to the same specification and finish so you won’t notice any difference in terms of how it looks, feels or works. For added reassurance, all our parts come with a 6 month warranty against defects.

How much will my iPad Repair Cost?

While we try to keep this page updated as much as often as possible, the prices may vary so please use this as a guide and contact us for our current price.

iPad 2 Digitizer $99
iPad 3 Digitizer $99
iPad 4 Digitizer $99
iPad Mini 1 and 2 Digitizer $119
iPad Air 1 Digitizer $99
iPad Mini 3 Digitizer $149
iPad Air 2 $309
iPad Mini 4 $250