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How to save a wet phone!

How to save a wet phone!

Accidently dropped your phone in a puddle, creek or the toilet? Here are a couple methods to help you try and salvage it. We do not guarantee any of these to work and are to be used at your own discretion.

1. Rice (Link to Full instructions from WikiHow )

• Remove your phone from the water( No Brainer )
• Remove battery( If accessible ), sim and memory cards
• Pat the phone dry with paper towel
• Place the phone in a container of rice or desiccant to absorb the moisture

2. Metho (not as good as the first but has saved a phone or 2 of mine from accidental drops in salt water).
• Pull phone from water
• Remover battery, sim and memory cards
• place in container of Metho (just enough to cover it)
• remove after a few minutes and place in rice overnight

Some things to note.
When a phone is damaged by water there is a very high chance there may be an underlying issue that does not appear straight away, when electrical items come into contact with water they do not turn themselves off straight away and generally damage themselves Even after you remove the battery the phone will still have a residual charge (generally this is how it holds the time) and there is no guarantee anything will fix it.

I personally have had success with both methods; an iPod dropped n coke and placed in rice, And iPhone and older Nokia dropped in salt water then salvaged using the Metho method.

Good Luck