Chosing a repairer


Getting your iPad, iPad mini or iPhone repaired on the Gold Coast, Lismore, Northern Rivers or surrounding areas?

Here is a couple things to take note of.

Screen replacements can be a tricky job, Over the years we have seen many poor repairs and 2nd rate parts used. Why is this happening? because some repairers are taking shortcuts. When a repairer gets your screen there many different quality’s they can get. Sometimes a cheaper quality is not too bad but can have many issues, some listyed below:

iPhone 6

  • Screens come from about 4 or 5 different factories Longten, JDF, Shenchao and original – refurbished screens. The main concern with using a lower grade screen in an iPhone 6 is that the iPhone 6 can be prone to blowing a backlight fuse should the screen have a faulty IC (the part that controls the screen) Should this happen, your repairer may not be able to fix your phone, we at Mobile Coverz can fix this for you.
  • The price difference between the screens is quite substantial so your cheaper repair probably is a cheaper screen – have it done at your own risk
  • there is a rumor that the next IOS update will cause the lower grade screens to fail, We at Mobile Coverz are not taking that risk, we only use original – refurbished screens
  • Cheaper Screens can have touch and sensitivity issues, not to mention the frame might come away easily especially when the phone gets hot

iPad Mini 1 and 2
Poor replacement glass (high copy) generally cracks a lot easier, when it cracks shards fall out as the laminate on the screen is inferior. The Screen may also jump about by itself causing frustration to you when it types and opens apps by itself. This issue can happen with original replacement glass but is a lot less common
Also be careful with repairers “Gluing” your digitizer down, this is not how it is meant to be done and generally they use superglue which can damage sensitive electrical components

iPad 2 3 and 4
Poor replacement glass generally cracks a lot easier, when it cracks shards fall out as the laminate on the screen is inferior. Also be careful with repairers “Gluing” your digitizer down, this is not how it is meant to be done and generally they use superglue which can damage sensitive electrical components

Chosing a repairer

Shopping around for a good repairer?

Before you commit to a repairer: Read This

At Mobile Coverz we have been doing Phone, Tablet and Computer Repairs on the coast for some time now, We have lost count of people that come to us after an issue with another repairer or a repair they stuffed up themselves. We have had people getting a cheap quote by a home repairer ($80 for an iPad Digitizer) only to be charged $220 and it still doesn’t work properly, upon inspection its noticed that more than the digitizer was replaced as small parts were damaged by the repairer. We wont charge any extra if something goes wrong and its our fault! im not saying anyone is perfect, mistakes happen time to time, but Mobile Coverz promptly fix any issue that may arise.

We have had many phones come in that were handed back to a customer that apparently wont work, and the repairer will offer a small amount of money for the broken phone (a buy back offer) half the time the phone is not broken, 40% of the time it has been broken by the repairer and 10% it is actually an underlying issue that has reared its ugly head.

But how do I find a good repairer you ask? ask yourself these questions, Does the phone repairer claim to have over 10 years repair experience in smart phones?; they have not been out that long (June 29 2007* the first iPhone was released overseas) the first iPhone 3 didn’t hit Australia’s shores until June 26 2009*. If they claim to be a growing chain of stores – ask for the address and google it, even drive past another store!

Ask local people who they would take their phone to, in a shopping centre ask the concierge desk or a sales person in a shop. Have a look at the shop or kiosk the repairers are located in, talk to both repairers see how they come across and go with your gut instinct. Pushy sales people are not needed for repairs – we are fixing something for you, its already broken we don’t need to convince you it needs to be fixed, that’s why your here.

Apple Products

Most repairers will tell you that they use genuine apple screens, They are lying! Apple DO NOT sell any parts to anyone except an apple authorised repairer. The best you can get is a genuine LCD (which is refurbished to a very high standard) and a top quality digitizer. This is the type of screen we use at Mobile Coverz

Samsung Phones

A cheap repair will leave you knowing you got what you paid for. Most repairers – Even those that claim to be “Samsung Top Glass Experts” will replace the top glass but in the process remove a thin layer of UV (LOCA) glue between the Glass and the digitizer. This type of repair will leave your screen less sensitive, more prone to breakage, and feeling cheap. You can notice the difference by looking at it. If you have had your phone repaired before, try pressing in the middle of the screen and see if what seems to be a bubble comes up – this is because your screen is held down by 3M Double sided tape not LOCA Glue.
We at Mobile Coverz use LOCA Glue to stick your screen back on – Bubble free and a top quality repair. Look at it this way, you will pay $90 for a Galaxy S4 the cheap way and only $110 for it to be glued back down.

Our head Technician David has many qualifications, He is Microsoft certified (MCP and MCDST), ITIL Trained (for best Practice) Dell certified systems engineer (DCSE) and Lenovo Certified repairer. He has over 16 years experience in the IT industry working with laptops, desktops, server administration, networking, CCTV and phone repairs to name a few.

*Release dates were Googled and extracted from multiple sources – percentages quoted are an estimate only

Mobile Coverz welcomes you to come in store any time to have a chat about your requirements, you can pre-book your repair on our booking page or just show up. We hope this article has been of some help to you